Conference on Writing Education across Borders

Days Inn Penn State, State College, PA
September 30-October 1, 2011

Writing studies in the US and around the world is experiencing a paradigm shift as it recognizes and celebrates the global connectivity of English education and multiplicity of language practices. For example, the ways that language policies, pedagogies, and teaching materials are developed in European-American countries have deeply influenced, and sometimes handicapped, how other nations view and teach English and their local languages. This shift towards a more global perspective is part of an ethical and democratic imperative that should further include teachers beyond U.S. borders in conversations and decisions about language policy, pedagogy, and practice. Focusing on the teaching of rhetoric and writing in a global context, this conference welcomes individual papers that address the following emergent issues: How do we locate the field of writing studies amidst the global connectivity of English education? What are the characteristics of writing within and across borders? How do teachers and students negotiate these characteristics in and outside the classroom and how does their negotiation in turn tell us about the challenges and impediments confronting us? How does this kind of work connect to and/or further enhance work on hybridity in postcolonial studies? What linguistic, rhetorical, and cultural values should we teach our students in transnational contexts? What research and pedagogical projects will help break down barriers and create opportunities to address standards, values, and practices in writing? How can we use this opportunity to promote a more inclusive view of writing that enables our students to draw upon their own linguistic and rhetorical resources and that reflects and further promotes the global nature of writing education?

Proposal Submission

Please submit proposals (250 words) along with your name, paper title, professional affiliation, institution name, mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address via e-mail attachment to Proposals are due May 20, 2011. You will receive e-mail notification regarding abstract acceptance in late May.

Important note: Persons whose proposals are accepted should register for the conference by August 15, 2011.